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UGA Trashed During UGA Vs. USC Game

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I would like to hope that my valued USC friends and fellow tailgaters played at least just a little role is adding to this mess :)

According to this article on Online Athens.com, the President at UGA through a hissy fit when he saw the UGA campus after the UGA vs USC game.

Quote from the Article:

Some people even urinated and defecated on north campus, he said.

“It was a disgrace the way the campus was left,” said Adams, who actually called into a radio talk show this morning to comment on the enormous litter and ask for fans help.”

Adams saw some of the offal himself when he drove by campus on his way to church with his father Sunday morning, he said.

Anyway, it sucks that USC lost…..but glad we could tear the place down in the process!

USC vs UGA - Who’s gonna win in 09?

Monday, August 3rd, 2009


USC Gamecocks

USC Gamecocks

The USC vs. UGA game is coming up quickly.  This is a particularly important game in my life mostly because I’m a USC alumni who lives in Georgia.  Ohhh, and my father and brother just happen to be UGA alums. ALL YEAR LONG I hear about how wonderful the Bulldogs are.  This is especially bad when those friggin’ muts win - which sadly happens all too often. 

I’m hoping for a good game this year.  The fun part about this rivalry is that it’s always a close one.  Since 1996, I can remember year after year of near wins and bad calls - keeping the Gamecocks from glory.  Yeah, we’ve won a couple here and there during this time.  The good news is that it certainly isn’t an expected win when we pull it off…..which makes all the more sweet.  I think the Gamecocks are gonna have a good team this year, so I’m  I’m praying for a win.   We’ll find out in one month and 9 days.

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