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Game Time Baby!

Okay we are three days away. We have a large group of us coming from Atlanta to Columbia for this shin dig and i’m pretty excited about it.

I’m gonna go ahead and step out and say we should all get our stuff together Friday night after we get into town. If anyone else thinks otherwise lets hear it. I’m just throwing that out there.

By this i mean lets go to the grocery/beer store and get all our supplies. It will be on everyone to make sure they have what they need. This is gonna be mostly a sausage fest tailgate it looks like so forget about side dishes, and desserts and all that bullshit. We can get together and everyone can grab some burgers, dogs, and brats to eat. Maybe some chips or and stuff. Lets plan on having all our shit Friday night? Does that sound good to everyone else? I say forget the wings because we would have to A) go pick them up and they may not be open early enough (more on that to come) B) heat them up and that would be a pain in the ass in the morning.

Admin you are bringing a little grill corect. So we will have a grill to cook our lunch on.

Now i know the time we get out there is always a bit of a struggle. So i’m just gonna throw a time out there. We might need to get there earlier or others might want to come later. I think 9am is a good start time. As in be there at 9am. As in be packed, locked, loaded and vacating Casa de Jones at 8:30. Now maybe this is early. Perhaps we should do 10am or maybe we should be there at 8am. I just wanted to throw out a time and we can bounce off ideas. I know that it has been mentioned some of us may go down there early and get the spot so others can stay in and come later.

I think everyone should plan ahead and bring some cash with them to help out with parking and splitting any food etc.

It is on! :)

18 Responses to “Game Time Baby!”

  1. jcfrazer Says:

    I will be the first tom remark. As a supply chain consultant (i.e. someone who is paid to make smart ass remarks regarding a companies efficiency) I completely agree with having everything packed the night before. I feel we should get to the tailgate spot around 8:00 in the morning and will offer myself as a sacrifice to the no sleep gods. I feel that we could have two seperate trips to the tailgate. Maybe me and my friends could meet Dave at Casa de Jones to pick up the “Bloody Mary drinking cool kids” early crew and let the rest travel with Scott and the lame “I need my beauty sleep” crew around 12:00. That being said the designated driver issue concerns me. how many cars are we bringing and how many drivers to we have. If I am going into the game I can sobre up while in the stadium and drive a car. It just means I have to leave my plastic leg bag of bourbon at home.

  2. admin Says:

    I’m cool with that. I’ll be down there before noon though.

    On the grill front, I’ll be bringing the one we used last year. It’s nice but small. It’ll do the trick.

    I also like the idea of going out to get food as soon as we get there friday night. We prob won’t get there til 10 or 11, but that shouldn’t be a big deal.

  3. jcfrazer Says:

    We still need some sort of plan regarding cars. How many people are going in how many cars? I would rather leave my rental at Casa de Jones given that if anything happens to it, I could get fired. Can we fit everything and everyone in two cars? If we have two large trucks then me and Dave could take the tents and coolers in the morning with Sheanna (my friend from Charlotte) and Pascha (my Ukranian friend). What is the final head count and who is meeting us vs. driving themselves?

  4. admin Says:

    Laurie has backed out of coming….something about always being sick because she’s pregnant.

    There goes our designated driver.

    Looks like we’re sleeping at the fairground.

  5. The Dave Says:

    As odd as it may sound I will probably be fine to drive because I will be going into the game.

  6. admin Says:

    Not riding with Dave.

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