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Roll Call

Roll call time!  Who’s coming, and who’s just visiting the site?

Let’s get a handle on who’s actually coming to the tailgate here.  Please post a comment if you’re planning on coming, and we’ll update the stats in the main post here so you don’t have to scroll down.  Please include any additional people that might be coming with you if they’re not going to register and post here.

Confirmed Tailgaters:     9.5
Possibles (Maybes):       0.5 (John’s coat!)

34 Responses to “Roll Call”

  1. JJRed Says:

    Of course, I will be attending!

  2. The Dave Says:

    I will be there.

  3. admin Says:

    Laurie and I will be there….so plus 2 1/2 :)

  4. The Dave Says:

    Man i don’t know if we should get wings if it is just going to be the 4.5 of us. Might want to scale back a bit.

  5. JJRed Says:

    Just talked w/ Fluffy & Mrs Fluffy regarding the tailgate and their absence on the site. It looks like we’re probably going to be Fluffy-less for the Georgia game.

  6. admin Says:

    we must suck

  7. The Dave Says:

    That is too bad I’ll miss J&L

  8. Chadinator Says:

    I’ll DEFINITELY be there supporting my GA shirt. I would be estatic to get a ticket to get into the game as well ;)

    Unfortunately, the wife will not attend this year.

  9. mindbomb Says:

    I’ll be there in spirit…it’s the Reiss-Crosby birthday weekend and we’ll be at the beach…

  10. The Dave Says:

    Can’t blame you for being at the beach! Hope you guys have an awesome birthday weekend!

  11. jenna Says:

    We’re talking about 9/13, right? I’ve got our first fall kickball game on Sunday; will there be more visits to Cola for more tailgating this season? I’d hate to miss out on the good times…

  12. JJRed Says:

    At some point in time every person must decide for themselves which is more important:

    An awesome tailgate for a game featuring 1 premiere football team and 1 bunch of ass kicking chickens, or…

    The opening kickball game????

    Seriously? Man…er, Woman Up here! I’m almost embarrased that a kickball game is going to permanently be on this website as a legitimate excuse to miss out on this tailgate.

  13. The Dave Says:

    As much as i would normally agree with you JJRed it is my understanding this is no ordinary kickball league. This is the creme de la creme of kickball competitions with reputations on the line……

    all that being said a south carolina tailgate is always a worthwhile blast. Plus i love that it is a 3:30 game instead of a night game or a noon game it is the perfect time.

  14. JJRed Says:

    I’ll respect The Dave’s opinion of the league…But I’ll be expecting a story from Jenna later Sunday or Monday on her great home run kick that saved the game. Actually, I’d settle for a funny story how she threw some other girl out by pelting her in the head with the ball. That always cracks me up.

  15. The Dave Says:

    I once saw mrs. admin gun someone down from the outfield in a softball game like she was roberto clemente in his prime……………


  16. jarrettdavis Says:

    Me and Jean Marie will be there, kodi and amber also. I dont think much of the little camping grill we have, it will work. I went and looked at the coleman up close, really cheap materials. It isn’t worth 170 bucks. Kodi and I are working on having one made from scrap, I got my doubts it will be ready for UGA.

  17. JJRed Says:

    Ok, got the latest through the grapevine on the Fluffy’s. They’ll still be in town, but due to a crazy schedule over the past couple of weeks, and over the upcoming weeks, they have forgone our tailgate for a weekend of house work, and other marital duties.

    I can completely understand where they’re coming from, in that I typically feel this way towards the end of the football season.

    But chalk this up as embarassing reason #2 for missing the game. I’m on the edge on how this compares to the kickball excuse, but I’m leaning towards kickball being more acceptable for its originality.

    Not that I’m a betting man….but if this is the case, I’d say we’ve got a 50/50 shot of getting the Fluffs, or at least 1 Fluff, to possibly show up.

  18. jcfrazer Says:

    Sorry for my absence. I am 90% confident of my atendence. The only hold back on a 100% ranking right now is the possibility that I could get stuck in Houston due to the fourth hurricane of the past 5 weeks. Trust me this is getting old. I should be out of Houston on Thursday. Current forecasts show the storm striking the gulfcoast sometime Saturday. Hopefully that means that while I am drinking the world’s greatest bloody mary at the SC tailgate, my office in Houston will be suffering minor winds and flooding. I only need minor flooding to excuse me from traveling on the Monday post tailgaiting. I am getting old and it takes me almost a week to get over these types of events. I will probably be getting a hotel room near five points since I will likely have two other friends coming to the game with me.

  19. jcfrazer Says:

    I forgot to mention that the coat is boycotting due to hostility from Scott.

  20. JJRed Says:

    Also w/ the hurricane talk, if Ike starts messing around w/ Florida, there is a chance that Ash might be here for the game. She’s supposed to be at a conference down there this weekend, but if it’s cancelled she’ll be tailgating w/ us (hooray!! another pregnant driver!!)

  21. JJRed Says:

    …speaking of pregnant drivers….we might need to develop a contingency plan for if our current preggo decides that the tailgate does not suit her. I’m probably going to drive my car w/ all of our crap in it, which would leave another strictly for people.

    …something to think about….

  22. admin Says:

    You can not boycott the coat.

    It’s a symbol of hope. Don’t you see Frazer? We all need a Johns Coat in our lives. It represents something bigger than just you or me. It represents all that is good in this world. All that is clean and well kempt.

    But most importantly Frazer. It shows us…all of us….that there is just a little bit of class…a little bit of cleanliness at a tailgate. It teaches us to be better than who we really are. An extension of ourselves.

    Damn it John! Don’t you see?

    You need to bring the coat Frazer. You must keep this hope alive.

  23. jcfrazer Says:

    No coat. With a high around 93 degrees, Cola town is going to feel like and oven. I am debating the sweater vest idea. Class follows me everywhere Scott. I don’t need a jacket to serve as a model of hope. For example, the majority of you thought that I wouldn’t make it out of Freshman year, much less go on to graduate. The fact that a lazy, sarcastic, drunk, who suffered massive head trauma at least once a week, can walk down the road should provide hope to everyone at the tailgate.

  24. admin Says:

    Johns Vest….The Sequal.

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